Latest news

  • December 2013:

    Brittany Gray plays the role of Kimber in the CTV/Hallmark original movie "Finding Christmas" premiering Sunday, December 15th @ 8/7 C.

    See preview here.

  • April 2013:

    Brittany Gray is happy to announce that she has recently booked a national
    TV commercial for McDonalds!!


  • 2012 News:

    Brittany Gray booked a Kellogg's Special K commercial inBrittany Gray Kellogg's
    which she is the signature "girl in the red dress".





  • Brittany Advil CommercialBrittany Gray is thrilled to announce that she is the new face of the Advil Cold & Sinus commercials titled "Advil Air". This national commercial will be airing on Canadian television networks across the country.









  • 'We are pleased to announce that Brittany Gray has just been cast in the hit TV series Lost Girl "Season 3" airing in both Canada and the U.S!! She is playing the role of 'Delia', a malicious man stealer who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

  • Stay tuned for more details regarding the dates that her episode will air!

  • Lost Girl
  • Anna Silk as "Bo", Brittany Gray as "Delia" and Zoie Palmer as "Lauren".
  • 2011 News:

    Brittany Gray is currently working on a play at Theatre Aquarius called "Queen Milli of Galt" opening Nov. 11th. She will be performing the role of "Mona".

  • Brittany will co-host "Songs for the Season", Soiree Chorale, Holiday Concert of Many Cultures on December 4, 2011 at 7:30p.m. at the Markham Theatre.

  • Brittany Gray was just in an episode of 'Dan For Mayor" on CTV. The episode was called - 'Claire 2.0' and she played the role of 'Melanie'. Check this out: Dan for Mayor (Ep. 204)

  • Brittany in Dan for Mayor
  • Brittany also just booked a role on a TV series called "Life With Boys" that is going to air on YTV.
    Air dates are yet to be announced.

    Stay tuned for more updates!!
  • AUGUST 2009

    Brittany Gray will be starring as "Sarah" in Dancap's newest production of "The Toxic Avenger" at the Danforth Music Hall opening on Halloween night.

  • Brittany Gray has also just been cast on the Disney Channel's hit TV Series, "Aaron Stone"! She will be playing the villianess "Hive" throughout Season 2 in a reoccuring role!
  • Also, look out for Brittany in the new feature film "Amelia" starring Hilary Swank and Richard Gere.

  • "Brittany Gray's beauty is evident in every aspect of her life..both inside and out. Her gift is her passion which she brings to everything she does. Brittany is an immense talent both on and off stage, as a make-up artist, a songwriter, recording artist, dancer, actor and over all performer. She has already accomplished so much in her career thus far. Brittany is Canada's sweetheart, who's future is full of possibility."

    Lorraine Lawson